Byzantine, Texas: God is divinely simple, Christianity isn't...

(Christian Today) - Since so many of us crave certainty and straightforward answers, it's sometimes difficult to live with the many unresolvable paradoxes of the Christian faith. So what can we do about it? Rather than running away from them, or trying to explain them away, author, speaker and theologian Krish Kandiah thinks the tension between opposing doctrines is where faith comes alive and that often, it is in the most difficult parts of the Bible that God is most clearly revealed. 

Krish is also not afraid to ask those questions that some of us may have thought we are not allowed to ask now we are grown up. "Often we are taught – or at least we pick up by osmosis – that Christian maturity means giving confident, slick answers without a hint of uncertainty," he says. "But that is simply wrong. False assurance is no assurance at all, and taking time to tackle the difficult passages of the Bible head on may in fact be exactly what we need to help strengthen and life-proof our faith. If what we believe is true, it will stand up to questioning."

The strapline for his new book, Paradoxology, is 'Why Christianity was never meant to be simple'. "...the paradoxes that seem to undermine our faith are actually the very things that lie at the heart of a vibrant faith," he writes, " is only by continually wrestling with them – rather than trying to pin them down or push them away – that we can really worship God, individually and together."

Krish tackles various paradoxes from both the Old and New Testament but, as he says in his chapter on those found in the book of Romans: "the character of God is perhaps the most fundamental paradox of the Christian faith. In the end, all these questions come back to one, central question: is God trustworthy, or not?"

It is as we engage with the biblical characters that Krish examines that we discover the paradoxes and struggles they faced made their faith deeper and more authentic – not weaker. We caught up with Krish to find out more...

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Posted by Josephus Flavius