St. Seraphim Boys Camp

by cecelia roden

It is hard to put into words the experiences had during Saint Seraphim's Young Men's Retreat.  Men of all ages, 8--65, came together with a common goal:  To know, serve and have fellowship in Christ.  Everyone putting their shoulders to the tasks at hand formed a band of brothers, bound to make the week count for the glory of God.

The week of activities included building a 16'X24" building for future camp activities, learning old gospel songs and cooperatively painting a 3'X4' mural of St. Seraphim.  They learned about edible plants during wilderness walks and about American Indian culture as they designed a pow-wow circle which included building wooden drums, wind chimes and a towering teepee.  They were instructed in bible readings daily, learned skits for a service project in an assisted living home, played wiffle ball and kept cool swimming in the pool.

A whole new meaning of time is defined when one is freed from the distractions of modern day toys.  Toys that can rob one's ability to focus on God and be creative, to be energized by good hard dirty work.  The first day felt like a year, day two we were unified in the joy and satisfaction of praying, working and playing hard.  By the end of six days....well, we had received a gift from the Holy Spirit.  Glory be to God!