December 17, 2016


Christmas Program

Our  Christmas Programs take place every December to help people provide Christmas for their children, and provide some Christmas cheer for many of our Loaves and Fishes regulars who would otherwise have nowhere to go on this glorious feast. This year’s Family Toy and Food Box Program will take place December 17th.  Please see below for opportunities to volunteer in this year's event. You can click on the link for each volunteer assignment.


Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Day Meal, held at noon at St. John's also depends entirely on donations and volunteers. Monetary donations can be made through this website and should be earmarked for Loaves and Fishes Christmas. If you are in town and would like to join us for a festive mid-day meal, please leave your name and telephone number below:



If you are willing to donate hams, turkeys, or toys, please make sure all donations are labeled for the Christmas Program and brought to the church any time from now on, with a phone call ahead to Fr. Tom, (678) 373-9433, to arrange someone to meet you.

If you would like to donate financially to the Christmas Program, please click on the below link!


We welcome new toys for all ages, but we have found that the gifts for these age-groups below can be especially challenging to find in an affordable price range, so we have provided a suggestion list. Please do not wrap any presents.

These items were priced around $20-$25 or cheaper. Gift cards are welcome but will be used to buy gifts, they will NOT be used as gifts.


- color yourself bags/purses

- hair straightener

- jewelry

- nail polish

- art supply kits

- purses

- hair coloring kits

- curling irons

- hair products (gel, brushes, hair bows, etc.)

- lotion/perfume sets

- makeup

- tablet

Boys 10-UP

- exercise body pull up bar

- DVD playerç

- men's nice shirt

- camera

- MP3 player

- roller skates

- men's body soap kit

- basketball hoop

- teen board games

- Lego sets

- Nerf guns

- headphones

- action figures

- pre-paid cell phones

- portable wireless speakers

- FitBit Flex