Comments in 1997

At 13:03:22 PM on 9/17/1997, "Want to find more about ..." from David Telhiard, Mobile, Al USA

       I've been reading several books by the monk Seraphim Rose and wanted to find more about the saint he so loved. Thank you, In Christ. 

       David Telhiard 
       Mobile, Al USA 

At 12:15:45 PM on 9/17/1997, "Very interested" from Marvin Meitz, Petawawa, ON Canada

       Was very interested to read about this Saint whom I had not heard of before. The Lord be with you! 

       Marvin Meitz 
       Petawawa, ON Canada 

At 00:09:07 AM on 9/15/1997, "Pray" from Tom Peterson, Salt Lake City, ut USA

       Thank God I found this page, and learned of this wonderful Saint. I pray to St. John and he hears my prayrs. Glory be to this blesses man. I LOVE YOU SAINT JOHN. Thank you to the people who developed this page. Glory to Christ, his Saints and his Holy Orthodox Church. Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner! 

       Tom Peterson 
       Salt Lake City, ut USA 

At 17:50:16 AM on 8/31/1997, "Thank you for the site" from Frank Patterson, Tempe, AZ USA

       I appreciate your site very much. I have had in bookmarked for quite some time, but am just today finding the time to look at it. I am a Roman Catholic, attending a Melkite parish. I have been considering converting to Orthodoxy, but am having trouble coming to a final decision. I was planning on going to visit St. John's relics this weekend, but am not going to be able to do so afterall. I was disappointed, but at least I have your site to look at! I hope it is appropriate to ask St. John of San Francisco to give me the certaintly and conviction to become Orthodox. Please pray for me, all Orthodox people. Thank you for the site! 

       Frank Patterson 
       Tempe, AZ USA 

At 16:53:00 PM on 8/29/1997, "Thinking about go to the Holy Trinity Monastery" from Alik Tkalenko, Bs As, Argentina

       Hi,this is the first time that i´'m in internet ,and i'm so wondered (my inglish is terrible,sorry). I was in the eight congress of orthodox youth i Brazil and i met for the first time our Saint Jonh. After this "siesd"i'm thinking about go to the Holy Trinity Monastery (ny) to study there.well i have to go (this is not my computer.thanks for work for God."s bogom"). 

       Alik Tkalenko 
       Bs As, Argentina 

At 15:44:21 PM on 8/13/1997, "My Trip" from Igor Pchelintsev, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

       Thank you, Brothers for the excellent site of Wonder. May I ask somebody - I plan to visit a conference in Oct 97 in Virginia, but I would like to visit St.John more, anybody help me how to reach SFrancisco from Norfolk for 1-2 days, how long will take a flight, what will be the prices - I'm short of time and money. Thank anybody for advice. St. John pray for us sinners to get your Holy Relics! 

       Igor Pchelintsev 
       Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 

At 14:47:09 PM on 8/9/1997, "Nice Page" from A. Cade Bois, Houston, TX USA

       Nice page...I'm not terribly familiar with many Orthodox saints since I'm a Byzantine Catholic. Very interesting nonetheless! Christ's peace. 

       A. Cade Bois 
       Houston, TX USA 

At 15:32:31 PM on 8/7/1997, "Pray" from ioan, Timisoara, Romania

       Our lady, mother of God, Mary and Jesus Christ (Hristos in romanian help all the Orthodox people! Holy Saint John Maximovitch Pray to God for us! 

       Timisoara, Romania 

At 16:05:22 PM on 7/31/1997, "Thank you for this incredible gift to Orthodox people" from Ivana, USA

       Wonderful!!! I cannot wait to read the whole page and visit the church myself. Thank you for this incredible gift to Orthodox people! Bog vas blagoslovio! 

       Ivana (Jefimija) Howard 

At 19:11:37 PM on 7/24/1997, "Pray" from Gleb Glinka, Cabot, VT USA

       Blessed John, pray for us, who are so in need. May God help to undo the barbaric seizure of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Hebron by the Russian government, and may His will be done. 

       Gleb Glinka 
       Cabot, VT USA 

At 22:27:11 PM on 7/20/1997, from M. Cecilia Mascarenhas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

       Soy Argentina e Iconografa. Cuando me encontraba en una gran duda sobre si seguir o no escribiendo Iconos. Una Sra. Rusa me hizo llegar el Icono de San Juan para que lo realizara. A partir de ese momento no he dejado de escribir Iconos. 

       M. Cecilia Mascarenhas 
       Buenos Aires, Argentina 

At 10:43:11 AM on 7/16/1997, "I have been blessed" from Garabed Sarkessian, Phila., PA USA

       Even though I am a heretic, I have been blessed by St. John. My father-in-law was miraculously healed of an eye problem after I prayed to St. John. The doctors had no explanation for the change in his condition (which was life threatening). He has also answered dozens of prayers from my wife and I. I will pray to St. John that one day I won't be a heretical Armenian. 

       Garabed Sarkessian 
       Phila., PA USA 

At 20:35:06 PM on 7/15/1997, "Found so many Internet sites about Orthodox faith" from Milan Milovanovic and Vid Bogdanovic, Belgrade, SER Yugoslavia

       We are very glad that we've found so many Internet sites about Orthodox faith, especially about St John Maksimovich. We hope also that we will find more literature via Internet than the current available literature in Yugoslavia. Our best regards. 

       Milan Milovanovic and Vid Bogdanovic 
       Belgrade, SER Yugoslavia 

At 18:23:51 PM on 7/13/1997, "Need a list" from Phd, STD, Loveland, CO USA

       Please supply a list of Metropolitans for St Petersburg and for Moscow during the Russian Synod 1721-1921. Thanks. 

       Phd, STD 
       Loveland, CO USA 

At 17:15:27 PM on 7/9/1997, "May God bless you and provide for this page to continue" from Michael A. Coleman, Orange, CA USA

       How exciting to see such an extensive tribute our Holy Father John on the net! My brothers in the faith and I, having been Orthodox for only four years now have already seen him as our 20th-Century Patron and prophetic voice to a world in these evil days! May God bless you and provide for this page to continue! Many years! 

       Michael A. Coleman 
       Orange, CA USA 

At 11:31:34 PM on 7/1/1997, "The power of Pray" from Fr. David Mahaffey, Old Forge, PA USA

       Last fall, during our period of St. Mary's Nativity / Exaltation of the Cross, two women of my parish were at death's door, their doctors had called the families in for a last visit prior to their expected repose. In both cases, I went expecting to do the Holy Unction Service, one, Mary, was in ICU and as I prayed, I watched her vital signs go steadily downward. I had brought the oil from the lamp of St. John and used it during the serviced instead of the usual oil-wine mix called for in the book of Needs. 

       The very next day, when I returned to the hospital (less than 12 hours had passed, she could see me coming down the hall and raised her hand and waved at me with a beautiful smile on her face. She is still alive and doing well, although currently back in the hospital. 

       In this case, I might add that the doctors insisted that she was not going to make it and insisted that her sons (who all lived in other states) remain in the Scranton area because they were sure she would repose soon. She not only got well, but returned to her own home and lived with only visiting nurses attending her (she is in her eighties). The other case, Xenia, was a "no code" patient in the hospital and as in the first one, her family was called in to say "good-bye" to their mother. She was virtually lifeless as she lay on her hospital bed, and did not even respond when I touched my hand to her mouth. Again, I prayed and used the oil of St. John adn anointed her. 

       The next morning, following Liturgy for the Cross, I went in and to my amazement, found her alert, smiling, and talking to her children who were equally thankful for the intercession of St. John. She is now in a nursing home, (she is 93) and doing well for a person of her age. She still has her faculties and prays with me when I visit. 

       The third case happened this past week (which is why those posts about St. John bother me so much I guess), John, a 91 year old man, was in a similar situation to Xenia. His daughter stayed by his bedside and called for me after his doctor and nurses suggested the priest be notified as he was deteriorating rapidly. He had a high fever (over 104). Within an hour of the anointing, his tempreture was down under 99 and the rattle in his chest was disappearing. The folowing day, he was sitting in a chair, no more "rattle" in his chest, and he was talking and joyous. 

       WE prayed together and I was again awed by the power of this holy man. May St. John pray for all of us and guide us to the heavenly kingdom. Glory to God for all things! 

       Fr. David Mahaffey 
       Old Forge, PA USA 

At 00:02:22 AM on 6/29/1997, "Are not all Saints "greatest" from Robert E. Brewster, Black Lick, Pa USA

       Glory to Jesus Christ!- Thank you for this wonderful page about Blessed St John . In a humble manner I offer the question regarding the term "the Greatest Saint of the twentieth century".- Are not all Saints "greatest"? Please forgive me if this question is offensive in any way. Glory forever! Thank You 

       Robert E. Brewster 
       Black Lick, Pa USA 

At 22:03:21 PM on 6/25/1997, "Pray" from Seraphim & Martha Nichols, Medford, Or USA

       It is a comfort to see Holy Orthodox material on the Internet. Holy St John pray to God for us! 

       Seraphim & Martha Nichols 
       Medford, Or USA 

At 05:25:12 AM on 6/24/1997, "Thinking of you" from Athina Nanos, Melbourne, Australia

       During our visit to America several years ago, St. John Maximovich's holy relics became one of our favourite places. We also met many loving and dear people, whom we think about often. Your page is a great "tribute" to a truly great Saint of our times. God Bless. 

       Athina Nanos 
       Melbourne, Australia 

At 15:04:09 PM on 6/22/1997, "Keep up the good work on the Orthodox net" from K. Hetschinof, Moscow, Russia

       Õðèñòîñ Âîñêðåñå! Christ is Risen! St. John is truely a saint. I approached his tomb back in 81. At that time Fthr Seraphim Rose led me on a personal tour, and got me really interested in Orthodoxy. I just want to state that, There was a reason why both belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Everyone has to start understanding what's going on in this world, and esp. w/ orthodoxy. I suggest everyone to pray for unity, but beware of how or what it may turn into. God Bless Us All. Keep up the good work on the Orthodox net. It was a pleasure visiting this page. 

       K. Hetschinof 
       Moscow, Russia 

At 12:46:12 PM on 6/21/1997, "This site where we can learn more about ... " from nancy rogers, ottawa, on canada

       Glory to Jesus Christ! Thank you for providing this site where we can learn more about this great saint. Holy Father John, pray to God for us! 

       nancy rogers 
       ottawa, on canada 

At 17:55:57 PM on 6/15/1997, "Miracle" from Hieromonk Kyrill, Richmond, CA USA

       I have watched your page grow and develope greatly in the past years. I have had a special devotion to St, John for many years, and was fortunate enough to be presesent at the Glorification itself. What happened there was a small miracle, although I believe I have experienced several miraculous intercessions of St. John over the years. God Bless. 

       Hieromonk Kyrill (Esposito)
       Richmond, CA USA 

At 15:06:45 PM on 6/03/1997, "I was lucky to be able to see his canonization" from C. M. Ketrenos, Eugene, OR USA

       What a wonderful Website! I was deeply moved by the eye witness account of the opening of the tomb. I had a serious problem with my knee and I needed to have surgery (I was 10). The doctors told me that the surgery would only repair my knee until I was in my 20's, and then I would probably get arthritis in the knee joints. My mother took me to SanFransico and I was blessed with his holy oil. I was also able to have one of his liturgical vestments put over me and prayers said for me. When I returned home, I went in for my surgery Pre-op. The doctor came into the room after xrays were taken and asked my mother if she had taken me to have surgery somewhere else as my knee had nothing wrong with it! We told him of our travel to SF and he was truly amazed. I am now 19 and I have had no problems with my knee. I am truley thankful to St. John. I was lucky to be able to see his canonization Thank you again for this wonderful site dedicated to St. John 

       C. M. Ketrenos 
       Eugene, OR USA 

At 15:03:08 PM on 6/01/1997, "Pray" from Fr. Paul Schellbach, Killeen, Texas USA

       Christ is Risen! This page is truly a blessing to read on-line. He is truly a great saint for our times. 

       Fr. Paul Schellbach 
       Killeen, Texas USA 

At 17:28:12 PM on 5/28/1997, "My mother" from Rev. Philip Blyth, Redding, CA USA

       My mother was a student of St. John in Shanghai. I was in St. Johns presence several times. My Sister Alexandra Anderson was baptised by St. John in our home in Redding, CA. My Mother has numerous stories about St. John. 

       Rev. Philip Blyth 
       Redding, CA USA 

At 01:47:22 PM on 5/25/1997, "Pray for Us" from Rdr. Joseph, Fairfield, CA USA

       Christ is Risen! Words fail me as I look at the photograph of Blessed John and the Uncreated Light! We *know* that he has prayed for our parish (St. Timothy, Cordelia, CA) and its people; through his prayers healed us, blessed us, and visited us, and only two of us knew him in the flesh. In this age, to see these pictures helps our weak faith. Thank you for providing us with your effort in these pages. Pray for us, Blessed John of San Francisco, that He may have mercy on our souls... 

       Rdr. Joseph (Arimathea) 
       Fairfield, CA USA 

At 08:50:02 AM on 5/19/1997, "This Unity " from Fr John Mack, Topeka, KS USA

       Christ is Risen! Truly, God is wonderful in His saints. It is especially encouraging to see the interest in St. John on the part of all Orthodox Christians in America. It is my very fervent belief that unity in American Orthodoxy will be a by-product of our mutual love for the saints of America. We will not create unity; God will create this unity through the prayers of His saints. 

       Fr John Mack 
       Topeka, KS USA 

At 19:36:24 PM on 5/18/1997, "Meet you on the website" from Fr Mathew, Staten Island, NY USA

       Fr. Myers, It was a pleasant surprise to meet you on the website. I am now serving an Indian Orthodox parish in New Jersey as well as serving as Director of Pastoral Care at se View Hospital in Staten Island. I am glad that I visited this website and learned more about St. John. I have heard much about Saint John from Fr. Joseph Langdon. God bless you for all the nice work you do. 

       Fr Mathew C Chacko 
       Staten Island, NY USA 

At 15:53:53 PM on 5/16/1997, from Father Dionysije, Gainesville, FL USA

       This is quite an impressive page on the life of Vladyka John. Vladyka John, pray for us sinners! CHRISTOS VOKSRESE! VOISTINO VOSKRESE! 

       Father Dionysije 
       Gainesville, FL USA 

At 15:04:05 PM on 5/15/1997, from Fred Krueger, Philadelphia, PA USA

       May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and send those to your web site who can benefit from the blessing of St. John Maximovitch. 

       Fred Krueger 
       Philadelphia, PA USA 

At 13:42:35 PM on 5/15/1997, "It is very heartening to see" from Lisa Smith, Boston, MA USA

       Christ is Risen! Saint John is my patron saint (I was baptized in 1991). It is very heartening to see so much interest in his life and miracles. I hope to make another trip to San Francisco soon since he has been glorified. Please pray for me. Thanks again. 

       Lisa Smith (Joanna) 
       Boston, MA USA 

At 00:24:09 AM on 5/13/1997, "I found it" from Fr. Stephen Steineck, Santa Rosa, CA USA

       Christ is Risen!! Hello my old friend. I heard you had a web page and after a long search I found it. Very well done and a blessing to all who view it. 

       Fr. Stephen Steineck 
       Santa Rosa, CA USA 

At 12:28:26 PM on 5/12/1997, "Visit our Orthodox Bretheren" from Dionysius, Melbourne, vic Australia

       Holy Archbishop John pray for us that we may travel safetly across the Pacific and arrive to visit our Orthodox Bretheren this Mid Year. 

       Melbourne, vic Australia 

At 04:28:21 AM on 5/12/1997, "A great blessing" from Peri (Pera) Fitch Neos, Hanford, Ca USA

       Christ is risen! Thanks be to God - I found this page on my first venture on the Internet. We are in an isolated area of the San Joaquin Valley (30 miles or more from any Orthodox church) Vladika John is the patron saint of our family.What a great blessing to have a place to find out even more about him. 

       Peri (Pera) Fitch Neos 
       Hanford, Ca USA 

At 01:41:46 AM on 5/12/1997, "Pray" from Hierodeacon Juvenal, mpls, mn USA - Monday

       Xpictoc Bockpece! Christ is Risen! Thank you for spreading the veneration of St John throughout the world. May his holy prayers keep all of us! 

       Hierodeacon Juvenal 
       mpls, mn USA - Monday 

At 15:16:38 PM on 6/20/1997, from Natalie Roberson, San Antonio, TX USA

       May the Great Fast be a blessing to you all! Please pray to Saint John for me and for a friend of mine, Eusebius. 

       Natalie Roberson 
       Joseph Posusney 
       Perkasie, PA USA 

At 10:57:08 PM on 5/10/1997, from Stephen and Maria Missler, Sugar Land, TX USA

       Cristos Anesti. Thank you for the wonderful accounts you provided on this beloved Saint of our days. 

       Stephen and Maria Missler 
       Sugar Land, TX USA 

At 20:31:06 PM on 5/06/1997, "Pray" from Andreas Andreou, Lawrence, KS USA

       XPICTOC ANECTH! This is one of the greatest web sites on a saint I have seen. And it is truly fitting to a St. John who is a great saint. 

       Andreas Andreou 
       Lawrence, KS USA 

At 21:05:30 PM on 5/01/1997, "Pray" from Fr. Milos M. Vesin, Chicago, Illinois USA

       Christ is risen ! Hristos voskrese ! What a consolation to find the web page about St. John.The reality of God Who is wonderfull in His Saints is the only power that is going to be able to overcome the "virtual reality " of this day and age . St. John pray to God for us . 

       Fr. Milos M. Vesin 
       Chicago, Illinois USA 

At 20:57:39 PM on 5/01/1997, "Pray" from Fr. Milos M. Vesin, Chicago, IIl USA

       Christ is risen ! Hristos voskrese ! What a consolation to find the web-page about St. John . May God bless you Father and Brother for your efforts ! St. John pray to God for us . 

       Fr. Milos M. Vesin 
       Chicago, IIl USA 

At 15:13:23 PM on 5/01/1997, "Pray" from Susanna Luthy, New Carlisle, IN USA

       Wondrous is God in His Saints! Your information on St. John is a blessing. Thank you. 

       Susanna Luthy 
       New Carlisle, IN USA 

At 10:40:46 AM on 5/01/1997, "Pray" from Sergius Miller, DC USA

       Holy Hierarch John, pray to God for us. 

       Sergius Miller 
       DC USA 

At 00:37:48 AM on 5/01/1997, "Looking for stuff on the Orthodox position on Theotokos" from Emily M. Brewer, Pasadena, CA USA

       Looking for stuff on the Orthodox position on Theotokos as it relates to the NT. I am doing a paper on this for Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. I read St. John's book, but most of what he had to say was based on legend and the Protoevangelium. I am more interested in Orthodox exegesis of the Marian passages, as I already have a lot for the CAtholic and Protestant positions. Thank you. 

       Emily M. Brewer 
       Pasadena, CA USA 

At 08:55:43 AM on 4/24/1997, "Thanks for your page" from Reader David, USA

       Father Bless, Thank you for your Web Page. Immediately when I found it, I put a link to it on my page. I love seeing the pictures and reading the stories. In 12/95 I hurt myself at work. A MRI showed that I had 4 herniated discs, possibly a 5th, free floating fragments, scar tissue attached to nerves & some nerve "channels" blocked. Right after the Nativity (96) some friends took me to see St. John. They had arranged to have a moleibin said for me at his relics and then we stayed for Vespers. The Priest there were wonderful. They gave me oil from St. John's lamp to take home. A couple of weeks ago I had a Myelogram to get me ready for surgery. Well, Glory to God! It came out great! Nothing shows except 1 disk bulging! There is no scar tissue, no fragments, no signs of herniations & the channels are "as clean as a whistle!" The doctor said, "there is nothing to operate on." The bulging disk will heal (if I don't do somethng dumb). He feels the symptoms I am feeling now (and they have been steadily improving) is just the "nerves healing" and hopefully will continue over time. Even my reflex has returned in my right foot. Than you St. John! I hope to go back soon to give thanks! Thanks again for your page. Rdr. David 

       Reader David 

At 10:56:06 PM on 4/23/1997, "Pray" from Sherwood O. Jones, Houston, TX USA

       Holy Saint John Maximovitch, pray to God for us sinners. 

       Sherwood O. Jones 
       Houston, TX USA 

At 10:33:11 AM on 4/23/1997, "Kali Anastasis!" from Fr Ephrem & David Melling, Manchester, GMC England

       I think we meant to say 'Kali Anastasis!' 

       Fr Ephrem & David Melling 
       Manchester, GMC England 

At 18:07:42 PM on 4/21/1997, "GREAT HEALING" from G,G.BRAVO, CARLSBAD, NM USA

       GREAT HEALING to see all the spiritual work of saint John Maximovitch and his love of Animals 


At 20:11:15 PM on 4/20/1997, "Pray" from Christodoulos Charalambous Pipis, Davis, CA USA

       Excellent, what else to say. The Name of Lord is Blessed!! 

       Christodoulos Charalambous Pipis 
       Davis, CA USA 

At 10:21:48 AM on 4/20/1997, "Pray" from Gleb Glinka, Cabot, VT USA

       God bless you all this Great Lent for your holy labors in gathering together this material! 

       Gleb Glinka 
       Cabot, VT USA 

At 14:31:38 PM on 4/18/1997, "Pray" from John-Paul Cottingham, Atlanta, GA USA

       Holy Saint John Maximovitch Pray to God for us! 

       John-Paul Cottingham 
       Atlanta, GA USA