2015 Christmas Program


Christmas Family Toy and Food Box Program

Greetings from the Committee for the Christmas Programs at St. John the Wonderworker!

Thank you for your prayers during this annual outreach of our Orthodox community toward the poor. We hope to continue to develop our programs to provide more far-reaching assistance to those struggling to provide for their children, as we have been expanding the Loaves and Fishes Program to do more than provide a free meal every day.

This is a good time for people to come and see what we do and be a part of this work even after the Christmas Season has passed.

Our annual Christmas Family Toy and Food Box Program will be held the Saturday before Christmas, Dec. 19th, from 10 am to 3 pm.

As usual, we will be pleased to accept donations of new, unwrapped toys, hams, turkeys and non-perishable items for the food boxes as well as gift cards, although we use these to purchase toys and other items needed for the programs rather than give them directly to the families. We are ready to accept donations at the church immediately. Also, below is a link to a Volunteer sign-up sheet with time slots available for the Family Christmas Program on the 19th 



Thank you everyone who has volunteered for this year's Christmas Day dinner, and we now have all the volunteers we need! The response has been more than we can hope for and are so grateful that so many people are giving part of their Christmas day to make a glorious feast for others at St John's. More updates will follow soon.




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