On Lord, I have cried. 4 stichera are Sung, to the special melody: Rejoicing of the heavenly hierarchies.

O lover of the saints of God, Thou didst while on earth speak to them as to Thy friends, and now Thou dost reside with them eternally, praying for those still earthbound, that we lifted be lifted with Thee in the silent ships of paradise, upon the sea of eternity.

O lover of the Cross of Christ, Thou didst see Thy Maker stretching His hands upon the Tree to embrace all mankind, and Thou wast received by Him, crucifying thyself to the world and ascending with Him to heaven.

Thou! O Hierarch John, wast a convicter of godlessness, a champion of Orthodoxy, a teacher of Truth who didst answer to God alone, Pray to Him that He may grant to us such great strength and steadfastness.

Glory: Tone 8.

From Abel unto the blood of Zacharias and unto today, the world hath sought to destroy its prophets, But Thou, O saint, didst endure Thy persecution in the spirit of meekness and faith, emulating Christ and thereby purifying Thy soul to be received by Him.

Both now: Theotokion, in the same Tone.

O Most Holy Virgin Whose care and love for mankind was sow gloriously revealed in the life of the blessed John, keep us sinners also under Thy protection.

Aposticha, Tone 2, to the special melody: When from the tree

Christ brought the bread of Life by which men would never die, and they in their foolishness wanted only their stomachs filled; yet Thou, O John, didst deprive thyself of earthly comfort, and didst never hunger again.

Verse: Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

Watch and pray, Christ said to His disciples; and Thou, O John, didst cease not to follow this injunction, praying ever in the silent depths of Thy spirit, ever burning with love for God, finding true rest not on a soft bed but under the yoke of Christ.

Verse: What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?

Great wonders shall ye do in My Name, Christ did promise His apostles; and Thou, O new apostle, Hierarch John, wast another means by which this promise was fulfilled. Like Peter Thou didst heal the infirm, and like Paul Thou didst bring multitudes to salvation.

Glory: Tone 6.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but Christ's words shall ever prevail. Thou, O blessed John, didst preach and live these words, thereby sharing in their eternal nature and in their immutability. dwelling with Christ the Victor forever.

Both now: Theotokion, in the same Tone

O Mother of God, Thou art the true vine that hath brought forth for us the fruit of life. To Thee we pray: pray, O sovereign Lady, with the apostles and all the Saints, that there may be mercy on our souls.

Troparion. Tone 6.

Glorious apostle to an age of coldness and unbelief, invested with the grace-filled power of the saints of old, divinely-illumined seer of heavenly mysteries, feeder of orphans, hope of the hopeless, Thou didst enkindle on earth the fire of love for Christ upon the dark eve of the day of judgment; pray now that this sacred flame may also rise from our hearts.

Glory. Both now: Theotokion, in the same Tone.

He who called Thee Mother and blessed went up of His own will to suffer, and wishing to search out Adam, He made light shine with the Cross, saying unto the angels: Rejoice with Me, for l have found the lost piece of silver. Glory unto Thee, O God, Who hast ordered all things wisely.

Another Troparion, Tone 5 Like a spiritual daystar in heaven's firmament, Thou didst encompass the whole world and didst enlighten men's souls. Hence, Thy name is glorified in the East and West, for Thou shonest with the grace of the Sun of Righteousness, O John, our beloved shepherd. Wherefore, cease not to entreat Christ, that He may have mercy on our souls.

Litany, and Dismissal.