Church School

During Lent & Nativity Fasts


St. John has Sunday School for children ages 5 - 19.  In the Fall, we start right after the church new year (September 1) and end the Sunday after St. Nicholas’ feast day (December 6).  In the Spring, we have 6 classes during the 6 Sundays of Great Lent.  Over the years we have studied a great variety of subjects: the Divine Liturgy, martyrs and saints, old testament bible stories, Gospel feast days of the Church, real communion with God, the sacraments, and others.  If you have any questions or interest in our program, please email below.


Announcing Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

We are excited to announce this wonderful new curriculum for children aged 3-6.
This program aims to facilitate the involvement
of children in the Orthodox Christian experience,
in which the religious values that are natural to childhood—namely, contemplation and enjoyment of God—are predominant. 

Want to know more?
Annabelle will be hosting questions over coffee in the Parish House this Sunday duringSunday School. All parents are invited to come and learn more about what this curriculum has to offer our young children.
We need you!
An atrium is being prepared for this class in the Parish House. Please check out this sign up sheet to see where you can help.

Time Change in January

After much thoughtful discussion, the leaders have decided to move Sunday school to before the Divine Liturgy. Starting January 8th, classes will begin at 8:45 a.m. (Parents are encouraged to attend Matins!)